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If you're seeking guidance in finding an authentic voice that fits with who you are, gender-affirming voice lessons can offer just that!

My mission has always been to provide inclusive, compassionate, and specialised voice care services for everyone. As someone who has struggled with my own vocal identity, I understand the significance of voice in shaping a sense of self.

Whether you're new to voicework, have tried a bunch of online resources, or feel stuck knowing what to do whilst on waiting lists for gender services, voice lessons can give you confidence in safely using and exploring your voice.

Sessions draw on my extensive expertise as a singing teacher, vocal coach, and vocal health first aider, combined with my toolbox of exercises and knowledge gathered from training under leading SLT and expert in gender-affirming voice, Gillie Stoneham.


Gender Dysphoria

Vocal Feminisation

Vocal Masculinisation

Non-Binary Vocal Identity

Finding Your Authentic Speaking & Singing Voice

Gender Affirming FAQs

In vocal feminisation lessons, we’ll work on the following:


Air is our voice's fuel! Learning to support the breath in a comfortable, efficient way helps us support the voice.


Our voice is made up of muscles, and a good warm-up is important to taking care of it. We'll work together to develop a warm-up routine that suits you! 


Pitch is how high or low our voice is. We'll work towards finding a new comfortable pitch that feels authentic and easy to sustain!


Resonance is the quality of our sound, and it can change the gender perception of the voice even more than pitch! For vocal feminisation, we work on finding a bright, forward resonance.


A more breathy tone can have a big impact on gender perception. We'll work on how to create a breathy tone in a healthy, sustainable way.


Intonation is the rise and fall of the voice as we speak, especially when we feel heightened emotions. Learning new intonation patterns can have a massive impact on gender perception.


Learning how to project your voice in a healthy and sustainable way that remains true to you! For vocal feminisation, we'll work on how to use resonance and twang to project in a bright and easy manner.

Price List


INITIAL 1-HR CONSULTATION                 £55


4-LESSON BLOCK                                 £180

(£45 per session)

Gender-Affirming Voice always begins with an initial consultation to see how we gel. This small, informal chat is very relaxed and a great way to get to know each other, find out what you want from the sessions, and how I work. We'll also play with the voice a little, exploring how we make sound and how your goals can be achieved! You'll go away with some exercises that you can implement immediately!


Following this, you may wish to sign up for a block of lessons to be used weekly or biweekly, or attend on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Have a question? Want to book? Get in Touch!

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