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Is your anxiety getting in the way of your performance?

Are you experiencing a difficult transition in your musical/performer identity?

Do you never seem to achieve your musical goals?

Performance coaching can help you achieve and be the performer you wish to be!


Music Performance Anxiety

Enhancing Presence & Flow

Recognising Personal & Career Values

Setting effective Goals

Musician/Performer Identity

"I was anxious about performing in general but even more so about my goal of singing without an instrument in front of me. Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) enabled me to organise my thoughts and think about what is relevant to the outcome I’m trying to achieve. Alicia was so patient and sympathetic as she took me through the different aspects of ACT. I’d recommend this course to anyone who gets anxious about any aspect of performing as it brings into focus what’s important to your aim."


They say everything happens for a reason...

And, in my case, through my personal experiences and the particular students that have found me, I believe this is true. Over my decade of teaching, I have been honoured to be chosen as a confidant and coach by those who struggle with nerves and anxiety, finding my niche in using singing and music as a tool for good. My own past with debilitating performance anxiety, burnout, and depression has supplied me with what I now see as a superpower for empathy and understanding.

Musicians are three times as likely to experience anxiety and depression than the general adult population (Gross & Musgrave, 2020). This is due to many different factors, including financial pressures, lifestyle, and perfectionism. Bearing witness to many of my peers, friends and students going through the difficulties life as a musician and performer brings, I have found a great passion for providing musicians and performers with the tools to help themselves thrive and foster health and happiness. I will always provide my coaching services for an accessible price.

Equipped with Mindfulness and Mental Health First Aid, my coaching toolbox is evergrowing. My postgraduate studies with the renowned Voice Study Centre specialised deeply in Performance Coaching and MPA. As an Acceptance & Commitment Training Practitioner, I have been supervised and my coaching praised by the leading figure in ACT for Musicians, Dr. David Juncos

I incorporate ACT coaching and mindfulness skills regularly into my vocal and instrumental lessons. For those who wish to focus in on enhancing performance or tools to aid MPA, I offer coaching sessions. 

What is ACT?

ACT or ACC is a mindfulness-based coaching approach, rooted in developing psychological flexibility to accept what is out of our personal control and commit to actions that improve and enrich our lives. It develops skills to deal effectively with difficult and unwanted thoughts and feelings, helps clarify what you truly value and desire, and focuses your attention on what is important and how to engage fully.

If you're unsure of whether performance coaching is right for your, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to refer you to further information, resources, and helpful organisations.

Coaching Price List


INITIAL 1-HR CONSULTATION                   £30

1-HR COACHING SESSION                      £40

6-SESSION ACT COACHING                  £225

(£37.50 per session)

8-SESSION ACT COACHING                  £280

(£35 per session)

10-SESSION ACT COACHING                £325

(£32.50 per session)

Coaching always begins with an initial consultation to see how we gel as coach and coachee. This small, informal chat is very relaxed and a great way to get to know each other, find out what you want from the sessions, and how I work. 


Following this, I can advise on how many sessions I feel you'd benefit from, however, you may wish to opt for more or less, or attend on a pay-as-you-go basis. Following their course of sessions, some coachees like an additional session to recap over everything they've learnt, while others like to pop back every so often for a review of how they're doing.

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