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Vocal Coaching: How Much Does It Cost?

So you've been working on your voice, you feel you've got as far as you can without instruction, and now you're absolutely certain you want to invest in vocal coaching or singing lessons. But what isn't certain is just how much you should be investing!

Private instruction is known for being expensive. And, in an industry where nothing much is regulated, the cost of one-to-one vocal lessons can vary wildly. Many factors can influence how much you'll be spending, from where you are in the country to how long you want your lessons to be - and that's before you even consider your coach's knowledge and background! So let's guide you through what to expect.

In the UK, most vocal coaches and singing teachers charge an average of £35 to £60 for hourly lessons. The Musicians Union recommends charging £40.50 per hour for one-to-one instruction (March 2024). (It is this rate that I currently base my own prices on - ensuring an affordable and accessible service whilst keeping up with inflation and cost of living!)


For one-to-one coaching, you're not only paying for a tailor-made learning experience, you're paying for knowledge. This is why student singing teachers/coaches will often charge a lot less than those working professionally. Expect high-profile and speciality coaches to have higher price tags to reflect their training, proven track record of student success, and expertise in their field. (Some more expensive coaches will not take on beginner or amateur vocalists due to their specialities and experience.)

But you should never solely judge how experienced and effective a coach or teacher is on how much they charge! Unfortunately, there are coaches and teachers out there who put a high price on services that aren't worth the money. As an unregulated industry, anyone can call themselves a singing teacher or vocal coach and charge however much they want... and they do. (I've had far too many students come to me with stories of this scenario!) Working with the voice is a very vulnerable thing, and it's certainly possible for the wrong hands to hurt, not only your voice or your confidence, but your bank balance too.

TOP TIP: Look at the person, not the price list. A great piece of advice is to see if they are actively learning and improving their practice. Vocal science and health is a forever changing and growing field, and you can bet the teachers and coaches with the latest knowledge and technical know-how are attending workshops and courses with leading industry names!


Geographical location plays a significant role in determining vocal coaching costs. In metropolitan areas, where the cost of living is higher, coaches may charge more to cover their expenses - especially if hiring studio space. However, now that online coaching is not only a possibility but a popular option, you can access world-class vocal instruction from the comfort of your own home. (In fact, I have students all over the country!)

Average price London: £60 - £90ph

Average price rest of the UK: £30 - £50ph

TOP TIP: Some teachers and coaches may offer different rates depending on whether they're in-person or online.


Another factor is how often you want to attend sessions. How long the sessions last also matters. Most vocal coaches and singing teachers will offer 50 - 60 minute slots for adults. Others will offer shorter lessons for a smaller price. Many coaches and teachers also offer block booking, meaning you pay upfront for several lessons and receive a discounted rate. This is a great option for those wanting regular weekly lessons.


PAYMENT PLANS: Some teachers and coaches will offer discounted rates for students who sign up for regular lessons. It's a great way to not only save some money, but keep you motivated and on track with a regular lesson slot that suits you! (I offer a monthly subscription for weekly and biweekly lessons. Check them out here!)

GROUP LESSON: An option that seems to be becoming more and more popular is the group lesson. While you may not have the same tailor-made experience that a one-to-one lesson gives you, you can still learn a lot in a group lesson. By being one in a group, you can also save a lot of money too!

STUDENT-TEACHERS: Student performers often help pay their way through their education by offering lessons. This is a great alternative for someone at the start of their vocal journey, wanting to learn the basics in a budget-friendly manner.


It's true; you get what you pay for - unless they are student teachers, I'd be concerned about teachers/coaches offering £20ph lessons. But it's also true that extortionate prices don't always lead to amazing results or safe technique! My final piece of advice? Rather than looking at the price list, look at the person. Look at testimonials, demeanour, and what they offer in terms of knowledge and skillset. Remember that you don't have to commit to one coach - shop around and find someone who not only suits your wallet but your aspirations too!

If you have an FAQ you'd like me to answer or are interested in how I can help you, get in touch!


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